Exploring Car Leasing Options for New Drivers

Car hire is a cost-effective option that allows younger drivers access to some of the safest and most modern cars on the road.

For young drivers, driving can be an expensive experience, with high insurance costs and possible expenses related to accidents with older, less safe vehicles.

Regardless of whether it is the first, second or third vehicle, leasing offers many benefits such as suspended payments, flexible terms and the opportunity to choose from a variety of available vehicles.

Below we will talk about some cars that can be good options, however, it is up to each person to decide the one that really fits what they want.

A popular example is the Volkswagen Golf

Leasing a Volkswagen Golf (2020 onwards) is an excellent option if you are looking for a modern and reliable hatchback that meets all your needs.

With a variety of engine options, the Golf is ranked in an affordable insurance group and offers competitive payouts. It’s an affordable car for younger drivers.

The basic version, Golf Life, has a generous list of features, providing excellent value for money. For those looking for more performance, there are also R-Line, GTI and GTD options – there’s something for every budget.

Hyundai i10

Hyundai i10 Expert Review (2020 onwards)
If you’re considering a Hyundai lease, look no further than the i10. As the smallest car in the Hyundai lineup, it is the perfect choice for those wanting something compact and easy to drive.

Just like the Golf, the i10 fits into an insurance group with affordable prices. In addition, the i10 has low operating costs and offers a modern look that is often desired by younger drivers.

Ford fiesta

Driving a Ford Fiesta in your late teens and early 20s is a rite of passage – a necessary must, if you will. And there’s a good reason for that.

With several engine options available, the Fiesta offers a spacious and economical hatchback. It has an elegant look and comes with an impressive level of technology.

If you’re not ready for an electric car lease yet, leasing a Ford Fiesta is the next best option, especially given its excellent range of EcoBoost hybrid engines.

Audi A1

Audi A1 Sportback (2018 onwards) – Expert Rating
Taking out a lease on your next vehicle can open up avenues to driving something more premium, and the Audi A1 fits perfectly into that category.

The A1 is a fantastic choice when it comes to leasing an Audi. It’s a quality hatchback that offers the high-quality finish we’ve come to expect from a top German manufacturer.

With refined styling and confident driving, the A1 is an attractive choice. Insurance and operating costs are also competitive for this class, so it doesn’t have to be too expensive.

SEAT Ibiza

SEAT Ibiza hatchback (from 2018) – Expert review
Young drivers love a hatchback. They’re practical, have enough space to accommodate a group of lively friends, and are affordable to operate.

The SEAT Ibiza, often overlooked in this category, deserves a place as a worthy option for young drivers.

Why? Well equipped as standard, it has a wide range of trim levels, giving you the opportunity to customize this dynamic hatchback to your preferences.

By making a lease with SEAT Ibiza, you get a sporty look that is characteristic of the Spanish brand, at an affordable monthly cost.